Scary Artifact from History

So much in this world is unexplained.  The more mysterious it is, the more we like it.  The more unexplainable, the harder we try to explain.  Such is the nature of the human condition.  Why else would there be so many television programs and channels devoted to solving the Earth’s mysteries?  Why else would my husband watch an average of 20 hours of History Channel per week?  Because he has to KNOW, obviously.  Not because the couch is so comfy.

Some internet searching has left me with some questions, as well.  Namely, what the heck are these things, and where did they come from?  Here you have, my three most mysterious mysterious ancient objects.

The Grooved Spheres


Most websites will tell you that these spheres, found in South African mines, are totally unexplained, 2.8 billion year old objects.  Geologists, on the other hand, will tell you that rather than being metal Precambrian spheres, they are actually naturally-occurring concretions of volcanic sediments.  The cool thing is that they probably are almost 3 billion years old.  The reason that they are spherical is that they probably started out as bubbles of volcanic matter that solidified into the shapes discovered by miners and archeologists.  The ridges can be explained by the reaction of the object to coarser sediments that came into contact with it.  Either way, these are old, and very cool.

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