Mustaches of Merit

Famous Mustaches

I took a photography class this summer. Sitting to my right in the lab was a thirty-something businessman, wedding ring on and briefcase by his side, gelled hair, and a…Salvador Dali mustache? What would prompt a so obviously normal-to-the-point-of-boring person to meticulously grow and then groom such an accessory? I stared at it for a semester but did not muster the courage to ask him why.

Since then, I’ve separately noticed two local restauranteurs’ seemingly neck-and-neck mustache growing competition and, with said recognition, a remembrance of their former place of business and its framed poster of stached-to-the-max Tom Selleck circa 1980. So what gives? Why am I noticing something I’ll never have the opportunity to obtain (theater makeup or testosterone injections notwithstanding)?

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